Casting Roundup: Introducing Jason Statham And Melissa McCarthy, Your New Favorite On-Screen Duo

Jason Statham Another movie star bites the dust, which is my new phrase for when a movie star settles for TV work, the most inspired and most random onscreen duo is born, and a new Philip Roth adaptation casts up in today's roundup.

Frank Grillo and Aaron Tveit are set to terrorize Bella Thorne and Kyra Segwick in new indie thriller Big Sky. Sedgwick and Thorne play a mother and daughter duo on their way to a desert facility to treat Thorne's character's agoraphobia who are ambushed by a couple of gunmen. [Deadline]

• In addition to a gay rom com starring Channing Tatum, Paul Feig is also working on a female James Bond pic called Susan Cooper starring Melissa McCarthy, and he's revealed that he's interested Jason Statham for one of the roles. There's a coupling I bet you've never thought of. [Cinemablend]

• Another key piece of casting has been locked for Angelina Jolie's adaptation of Unbroken, starring Jack O'Connell as POW survivor Louis Zamperini. Japanese singer Miyavi has landed the lead villain role of the Japanese POW camp head called "The Bird," who takes it upon himself to break Zamperini's spirit. [Deadline]

Tarsem indie thriller Selfless starring Ryan Reynolds has added Victor Garber. The story follows a terminally ill billionaire who transfers himself into a younger body only to be hunted by his murderers. Sounds a bit confusing, but okay. Garber is playing a friend of the old guy. [Deadline

Barry Levinson-Al Pacino team-up on Philip Roth novel adaptation The Humbling has added stage actor Billy Porter, indie princess Greta Gerwig, Diane Wiest and Mandy Patinkin. The film is about a once-famous stage actor who finds a new lease on life when he moves to an upstate New York farmhouse and strikes up a relationship with a much younger woman. Yet another Hollywood May-December romance, because we just can't get enough of those and they're not creepy at all. [Deadline]

Kevin Smith has found his female lead for his next film, Tusk, in rising star Genesis Rodriguez. She'll star opposite Justin Long and Michael Parks in the story about a podcaster who sets out to interview a reclusive seafarer, only to "find himself a plaything in the gruesome plot of a deranged killer." Yay, another movie I will never watch! [Variety]

Reese Witherspoon is getting some company in her next film Wild, even though the bulk of it is about her character's solo hike across 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Michiel Huisma, W. Earl Brown, Gaby Hoffman, and Kevin Rankin have joined the cast in unspecified roles, and filming is now underway. [Deadline]

• And now… Meg Ryan. It seems like every day another movie star makes the transition to TV and now the former rom com queen of the big screen is looking to star in an NBC comedy about a single mom who decides to return to work only to find that her former intern is now her new boss. [Deadline]

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