Charlie Hunnam Hates 50 Shades Of Grey Almost As Much As We Do

The guy has broken off the handcuffs

Charlie Hunnam's exit from 50 Shades of Grey is the best thing that ever happened to people who despise that book and movie and everything it stands for (in other words, sane people), and today we've got more details about what exactly went down via THR.

Allegedly, Hunnam was unprepared for the hailstorm of attention that rained upon him as soon as his casting as Edward Cullen Christian Grey was announced, though I have a hard time buying this about someone who just did Pacific Rim. More likely, he didn't like the kind of attention he was getting, both the crazed fanaticism from your mom and all her friends and the ridicule from everyone else. That image above? That's the answer to "Why did Charlie Hunnam leave 50 Shades?" It kinda begs the question, exactly what was he expecting? Who did he think the target audience for this movie was, exactly?

In any case, he apparently wasn't all that enchanted by the intended content of the film itself either, and, as a writer of words himself, began to give increasing notes to the filmmakers (including director Sam Taylor-Wood), ultimately driving too big a wedge for them to come back together.

Look, Charlie, no one is talented enough to make this wish-fulfillment-fan-fiction-with-the-names-changed crap watchable, but you gave it your best shot and then did the right thing: walked away. Someone who's got a less already-promising future and more desperation for any kind of attention will give the "fans" of this garbage the Christian Grey they deserve. THR thinks it might be Jamie Dornan or Christian Cooke, but with Hunnam's exit I'm guessing their search just became a little bit harder.

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