David Fincher Has Cast Rosamund Pike Opposite Ben Affleck For Gone Girl

rosamund pikeThis shook out pretty quickly. Just days after casting lists were circulating, The Hollywood Reporter have gone ahead and confidently stated that Rosamund Pike will take the lead in David Fincher's Gone Girl.

The film will be an adaptation of Gillian Flynn's twisty thriller novel, a missing persons story with a few great surprises. Fincher already cast Ben Affleck in the other lead role – Affleck and Pike will play the married couple, Nick and Amy Dunne, and he'll become the prime suspect when she goes missing on their fifth anniversary.

The film will require a flashback structure, so rest assured that Pike will get plenty of screen time even though her character has gone missing at the top of the tale. Indeed, Amy Dunne is the main character here.

Also in the running for roles – though it's not clear which roles – are Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris.

It's a talented roster of players, for sure. The star, though, will be Flynn's plot twists. Those will be what everybody is talking about.

Gone Girl seems to be racing towards production. Expect a lot more soon.