Potter Reunion As Emma Watson And David Yates Talk About The Voice In Her Head

Potter Reunion As Emma Watson And David Yates Talk About The Voice In Her HeadYour Voice In My Head, previously discussed in these parts, looks to be coming together fast and with some familiar faces in tow. Based on Emma Forrest's book about her own experiences with self harm, mental health and the close relationship she developed with her psychiatrist, the film contains a pair of seriously meaty roles and Yates may have found his female lead in the Alumni scrolls of Hogwarts.

According to Deadline, Yates is in discussions with Emma Watson to take the role on and given their past working relationship, it seems likely that Watson will agree. There's the potential for a very interesting central dynamic here, especially as names like Tom Hanks and George Clooney are being bandied around for the psychiatrist.

Interestingly, Yates appears drawn to male/female double acts at the moment. His next film is set to be the adaptation of Robert Goolrick's A Reliable Wife, the story of a battle of wills in 1909 Wisconsin between a man who advertises for 'a reliable wife' and the woman who answers that remarkably sinister sounding ad. That story takes a dark turn where Voices in My Head takes, if not a light, then certainly a life affirming one.

It's going to be fascinating to see the choices Yates makes to bring two different, but so complementary, stories to the screen.