DC Comics' The Spectre In The Works For Fox TV

There's a TV series in the works, to be based upon DC Comics' The Spectre. Jerry Siegel's golden age character was the afterlife alter-ego of Jim Corrigan, a cop offed by nefarious gangsters in a horrendously brutal fashion.

I'm serious about the brutal bit. The mob boys rammed him into a barrel, filled it with cement and threw it into the river. Forget cement boots, Corrigan was given an overcoat, thigh highs and a space helmet.

I don't know if any of comic book characters had so many powers, or at least so many obvious ones. Corrigan was just about impervious to everything and could kill with a touch… and sometimes without.

One bit of the character's mythos that disturbs me a little is how the reanimated corpse of Corrigan was reanimated as a vessel for The Spectre, but that when left vacant, it still went about its business as normal.

Who was this meat puppet? Do they even have an identity? Brrr.

The show is being set up by Warner Bros TV, with the intention of it airing on Fox. So far there's just a script commitment and Brandon Camp is the man at the keyboard.

Let's see if this get as far as Wonder Woman… or even further.