Diablo Cody's Time And A Half To Star Julianne Hough, Be Directed By Ol Parker

Earlier this year, Julianne Hough took the lead role in  been acting for Diablo Cody in her directorial debut, the film previously known as Lamb of God. Perhaps the best early review of that collaboration is that Hough has now signed up to star in another Cody-scripted film, Time and a Half.

This one is to be directed by Ol Parker, writer of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and It Was An Accident and, once upon a time, several episodes of Grange Hill. Parker has directed two features so far, Imagine Me and You and Now is Good, both from his own screenplays. So, for all the apparent comfiness of the Cody-Hough reteam, there's a bit of new territory being explored here, on a few fronts.

Variety say that Hough will play:

a recent college grad who takes a temp job at a trophy store where she runs into her sister's high school boyfriend with whom she had a one-night stand.

As yet, there's no more info on what the film will actually entail or why its name is a reference to overtime pay.

The film is on hold until early next year, and even then the producers say they need to find somebody suitable to play Hough's sister in the film. That chemistry is apparently paramount to the success of the project. Intriguing.

I've yet to meet a Cody script I didn't like, so I'm keen to get eyes-on the Time and a Half pages as soon as possible, and I'll be keeping an eye out on that all-important hunt for the sister character.