Doctor Who Is A Box Office Smash – Second Only To Hunger Games On Repeat Screenings


Sheesh, Doctor Who fans. You do realize you could have watched this at home for free right?

EW reports a special 3D screening of 50th anniversary TV special Day of the Doctor yesterday grossed $4.8 million at the box office. In one day. It was an episode that had already aired on TV, for free, and it came in second only to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in terms of box office totals for Monday. I mean, sheesh!

You've all made Soumya Sriraman, BBC's EVP of Home Entertainment and Licensing very happy:

It's incredible that Doctor Who has made history once again, setting record numbers across the board on BBC America, in social media, and now in theaters. It's a testament to the fans and their dedication for Doctor Who.

How far behind can an actual straight-to-theaters Doctor Who movie be at this point?

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