Don't Want The Whole Set? Individual Blu-Rays In The Alien Series Going Cheap

Currently on sale at just $14.99 a piece are the individual Blu-ray releases of Alien, Aliens, Alienses, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection. Or, as I call them, The Good, The Good, The Bad and The One With The Ugly Newborn Thing (But Which I Seem To Like More Than Just About Anybody Else I've Ever Met, Though That's Okay I'm Not Looking To Form A Club Around The Film Or Anything, Even If I Would Join One If It Was Local And Met Somewhere Nice).

These individual releases each have an RRP of about $35, so that's over 57% discounted away into the ether. Thanks, Amazon.

So, how could you possibly resist? Well, maybe my love for the special features found just in the Anthology box might put you off – though, to be fair, there's still plenty of supplements, just in these single film editions.