Everybody's Talkin': Check Out Some Avengers and General Zod Dialogue

Everybody's Talkin': Check Out Some Avengers and General Zod DialogueMuch to the indifference of some of the audience, upcoming Superhero tentpoles The Avengers and The Man of Steel are going to feature actual dialogue between the fighting.

While some bits and pieces of witty banter can be found in the various Avengers trailers and promos to have been released so far, we've yet to hear The Hulk actually say anything; and Man of Steel is still so far out we've seen nary a shred of footage, let alone any talky bits.

But we might have some clues as to what The Hulk and Zod will have to say for themselves.

CBM have compiled a series of lines that are apparently programmed "There's a snake in ma boots" style into a line of Avengers action figures. Here's what they've come up with:

Captain America

Hulk! Smash!","Avengers, together we defend the world!", "I'm Captain America."


Hulk, truly thou art the strongest!", "Captain, I will follow you any day","Hulk, truly your strength is unmatched!", "Iron Man, you are a valued warrior", "My name is Thor!"

Iron Man

"Get around behind him Hulk!", "Repulsors, full power!", "JARVIS, damage report!"

Yes, get around behind him.

And here's what The Hulk has to say:

"You want more?", "Avengers Assemble!", "Nothing can stop the Hulk!"

"Let's go smash!… Hulk ready for fight!", "Hulk smash… Hulk smash Thor!… Let's go smash!… Hulk ready for fight!"

That's fighting talk.

You'll have seen that The Hulk's last line is actually pretty protracted. Sounds like this action figure is a regular Chatty Cathy. Still, that's what you get when you hire Joss Whedon.

Actually, there's no indication that these would be quotes from the film, though a couple do sound, perhaps, like worthy companions to "You know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else" in The Big Book Of Unfairly Ripping The Piss Out Of Joss.

As for the Zod chat, we only have one line so far. Michael Shannon was chatting with MTV about his role as the Kryptonian General in Man of Steel when he promised "some cool speeches." Shannon then said that he couldn't quote any now, before apparently falling quiet (I can tell you first hand, this man is an artist with silence) and then breaking the tension with:

Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?"

Sounds like a real line to me. I guess we'll find out soon enough… actually, we won't find out for ages. What's up with the long wait for this one? Hardly seems fair. At least The Avengers are coming along soon – this May 4th in the US, April 27th in the UK.