Extended Cut Of The Shining To Get Theatrical Release This Halloween

After its initial US launch but before its release in Europe, Stanley Kubrick cut 24 minutes out of The Shining. Some say he was spurred on by bad reviews; others have said that he quickly learned from the responses of paying audiences just how he could tighten up the experience.

While the director apparently considered the shorter version his preferred iteration, fans have obviously been very interested in the more "complete" take. There's a finite amount of Kubrick out there to be found an enjoyed, so every drop counts.

Now, the extended version appears to be set for a release in the UK this Halloween. Designer Sam Ashby has Tweeted:

And in that double barrelled blast of 140-characters or less, he's taken care of hundreds of folk's Halloween plans, all at once.

I look forward to see what Asbhy has come up with. His body of work is full of great designs.

And then, come Halloween, I'll definitely be enjoying this longer Shining on the big screen.

Thanks to the good folk of Midnight Movies for the heads up. At the moment, the BFI are only booking up to October 9th, but I'm sure more details of The Shining will be forthcoming shortly.