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Despite nearly universal criticism of AvX Versus in the forum, I love the idea — if properly executed. In an era during which we have tumblrs dedicated to [any narrowly-defined subject you care to name], and the appetite for distilled combat has been primed by [any other entertainment medium you care to name], the idea of a mainstream Marvel series that comes right out and says it is simply about superheroes getting punched in the face (and elsewhere, I'm sure) is really kind of brilliant. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I hope there's not a single word balloon in the entire series.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

How Conservatism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Yesterday, comic creator and reader Darin Wagner wrote a piece for Bleeding Cool entitled How Liberalism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales. I thought it was an interesting point of view, but not one I agreed with. I'm generally a bit of a lefty/liberal, but find certain aspects of my ideology tap into those associated with the conservative/right. Because I'm an individual, and not a plotted point on a graph.

AVX Versus, "The Least Essential Read Of AvX"

Today, Marvel have announced a new comic, AVX: Versus, which will, according to Tom Brevoort through CBR, "expand the battles seen in the main pages of AvX".

Cracking The DC Code by Mandi Odoerfer and Breki Tomasson

DC may have revealed the name of the mysterious hooded woman, but it appears they still have a few more mysteries up their sleeve. Early on in two of this week's books – Hawk and Dove and Swamp Thing – we see the appearance of a strange alien language.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Benedict Cumberbatch Spills A Hobbit Nugget, Talks Star Trek, Sherlock And Lawyers

I'm playing Smaug through motion-capture and voicing the Necromancer, which is a character in the Five Legions War or something which I'm meant to understand. He's not actually in the original Hobbit.

New And Official Images From The Hobbit, Bourne Legacy, Prometheus, MiB 3 And More

Here we have confirmation that James Bond will shave for Skyfall and that Bilbo won't – on his feet anyway – for the Hobbit.

Thursday Semi-Rushes – Kanye West Vs. The Jetsons, HBO Vs. Netflix, Gwen Stacy Vs. The Conspicuous Extra

Just a little Rushes, some things I had in the system in short form.


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