First Good Look At Rooney Mara In Character As Lisbeth Salander

From the cover of W Magazine comes this image of Rooney Mara doing her best Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Though the image is credited to Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the accompanying article seems to suggest Fincher was rather hands-on:

"I think we need more blood," Fincher said as he stared at Mara's outstretched hands.

Must be that "God complex" they appoint him with a few lines down.

Elsewhere in the article, talk turns to Steve Zaillian's screenplay adaptation. It seems he's deviated from the source novel in some quite crucial ways:

…it departs rather dramatically from the book. Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive, and, most notably, the ending—the resolution of the drama—has been completely changed. This may be sacrilege to some, but Zaillian has improved on Larsson—the script's ending is more interesting.

I have no idea what this more interesting ending is. Do you? Fill me in.

Link courtesy of JoBlo.