First Trailer For John Dies At The End

It makes sense that Don Coscarelli should adapt David Wong's John Dies at the End into a movie as it always shared some of his sensibilities. Both Wong's book and Coscarelli's Phantasm, for example, build menace out of confusion, and detail fictional worlds decorated with inexplicable, often disconcerting hypnagogia.

You'll see sharp, strange shards of this in the first teaser trailer for the John movie.


What surprised me most of all is how white-bread the two young leads seem. They appear to have wandered in from Supernatural, where the strange bends in reality are more friendly to the psychotrope-averse.* This juxtaposition only underlines how off-convention John Dies actually is.

But I hope it doesn't also give it a patina of dull normalcy where it doesn't want one.

Thanks to AICN for the embed.

*Which I suppose includes me.