Former President Bill Clinton Is In The Hangover 2

The last top-up to the Hangover 2 cast saw Paul Giamatti book his plane tickets to Thailand for an unspecified role. That was quite unexpected, I think… but not as unexpected as this.

Former President Bill Clinton has been seen on the set of the movie, and TMZ have stated that he actually has a part to play:

Although some people associated with the flick have told us Bill just "hung out," we've now confirmed he did indeed shoot a cameo.

I guess they just really wanted somebody notorious for some blow job-related scandal or another. Tsk.

This whole endeavour is sounding more and more worrisome by the day and all of these gimmicky cameos and bits of stunt casting can't help but make me grimace a little. Are they making a film, or just throwing star turns at the wall to see what will stick?