Gal Gadot Begins Batman Vs Superman In May, Signed For Three Movies As Wonder Woman


This is pretty obvious news, I think, but now Gal Gadot has confirmed that her contract as Wonder Woman is for three films (so far) at Warner Bros. Batman News found a new interview she did in her native Israel where she also reveals she will be paid $300,000 for the role, at least for the first film.

She'll be introduced in Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman, in a supporting role, and presumably have a larger presence (and probably a larger paycheck) for the next film, probably Justice League and then… what? Dare we hope for a Wonder Woman solo film?

Gadot also reveals in the interview that she'll begin filming Batman Vs Superman in May, though since she has a small part, that doesn't really tell us much about the production schedule for more principal players like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. They will probably be filming before she gets there and after she's done.

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