Gina Carano Faces Off Against Danny Trejo With A Little Help From Stephen Lang For In The Blood

MMA fighter Gina Carano is no stranger to taking on lead roles and punishing shooting schedules, having starred in almost every scene as the main character of last year's Haywire. Right now she's completing filming on The Fast And The Furious 6, and immediately afterwards will begin working on another action thriller for which she'll take the lead – John Stromwell's In The Blood.

Stephen Lang and Danny Trejo are the two latest names onboard, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lang is best known for starring in Bleeding Cool's favourite TV show, Terra Nova (apparently he was also in some James Cameron movie or something), and for In The Blood, he'll be playing Carano's father and mentor. Action veteran Danny Trejo will play an antagonist known only as Big Biz, and we can probably expect to see Trejo and Carano going toe-to-toe

Carano gave us a bit of insight into the film when we interviewed her back in May.

Before I got the Fast 6 offer I was working on a movie called In The Blood but that got pushed and we're probably going to films that afterwards now. I was reading through that script and I connected to the character. She's had a harsh life and she gets married and thinks things are going to go better but she gets hit hard again.

Her marriage goes a little better than the Bride's in Kill Bill, but not by much. Carano's husband does whilst the two of them are on a Caribbean vacation and she is left to track down the men responsible, though at this point it's unclear whether the husband is killed or just kidnapped. My money's on Trejo holding him hostage at the top of a construction site as Carano is forced to jump over rolling barrels and climb up ladders to reach them.