Glasses-Free 3D Trailer For Green Lantern Playing Now On Nintendo 3DS

I've downloaded and watched an auto-stereoscopic trailer for Martin Campbell's Green Lantern movie on my Nintendo 3DS. It's very obviously listed in the main menu of the eShop – and if you don't have the eShop yet, just connect to the net with your 3DS and do a system update.

It's the same trailer that's been playing in 3D in cinemas, except this time you won't need glasses. You will, however, need to sit a hell of a lot closer to get the best out of a 3.5 inch screen. And if I were you, I'd push your 3D slider control to max.

Here's the 2D version of the promo.

The most obviously impressive 3D moments are the sweep under the arch at 30 seconds, or when Abin Sur makes the little spherical construct (what is that?) at 1:18 or so. But 3D shouldn't just be about the big, impressive things… nor should it be about the big red herring of creating "immersion". But this is a debate for another time.

Green Lantern is less than a week away, reaching cinemas on Friday July 17th. By hook or by crook, Bleeding Cool will get the earliest possible review for you.