Godzilla To Menace The Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro Invited To Join Him – UPDATED

Travis Beacham's Pacific Rim – sold as a pitch, perhaps now a complete screenplay, perhaps not – would see the amassed people of Earth under threat from nasty beasties. Deadline said of the premise, when Beacham made the sale:

The planet must band together and use highly advanced technology to eradicate the growing menace.

Highly advanced technology? I was assuming the nature of this mysterious tech would be the hook that distinguished the film, but maybe it has an unexpected movie star looking to step and become the focus. According to rumours, the film is to be blessed with a special appearance by one of the most iconic characters in all of monsterdom.

Latino Review are reporting that Legendary Pictures, home of both Pacific Rim and the Godzilla reboot, could be looking to blend the properties:

According to sources, the current Godzilla draft they did get was not good and they wanted a writer/director to do a lot of work on it. Merging Pacific Rim with the Godzilla reboot solves that problem. That's one of the options on the table.

Well, Beacham's idea always showed obvious hallmarks of being a Godzilla tribute anyway.

How does this new story mesh with the last burst of Godzilla info we got? Let me remind you of one key point:

There's going to be another monster, or monsters, that Godzilla will fight.

So maybe the nasty beasties are going to be prone to a bit of infighting… or we've just been given a clue to what this mysterious fight-back tech might be. Maybe the humans create their own monster – now possibly Godzilla? Or what if they just control a monster – again, now possibly Godzilla?

Pure speculation. And created idly too.

Somewhat less likely to pan out than the Rim-Zilla merger is another detail of Latino Review's report:

We have also exclusively learned that Legendary just offered Pacific Rim to Guillermo Del Toro!

If this all adds up, it should mean we're no longer on for a Godzilla showing of any kind in 2012. If Legendary are making offers to somebody who's tied-up for the next couple of years, then they're clearly aware that the rush is off.

UPDATE: Drew at HitFix quotes Del Toro as saying:

I am not involved in Godzilla at all. I haven't read it or plan to read it.  Nor have I been approached to direct it.

Okay, but are you involved with Pacific Rim at all? have you read that or plan to read it? Have you been approached to direct that? I'd guess not.

Drew also pours cold water on the more likely-sounding aspect of the Latino Review story, claiming that his sources were saying Legendary were very happy with the development on Godzilla.