Green Lantern Toys Let You Play Out A Plot Point From The Movie We Didn't Know About Until Now

The tie-in toys that the studios spin-off from movies very often allow the at-home possibility of recreating, in the name of play and hijinks, some very dramatic, scary or plain un-fun moments. For example: the Toy Story 3 Lego play set that featured the landfill, furnace and conveyor belt location where Buzz, Woody and co. stared death in the face.

No idea if the plot point hinted at with this new Green Lantern movie figure will be on anything like that scale of emotional impact (though I sincerely doubt it). Look, here, at the Guardian – that Mekon-looking, floating baldy in the robes.

He's in a pair of yellow manacles.

This suggests he's a prisoner of the Sinestro Corps., if not indeed Yellow Lantern. Or at least I think so, on the basis of relatively little knowledge of the comics. And if they're going to make a toy out of it, it's likely to be a key, or at least memorable, moment.

The pic was snapped at C2E2 by Comic Price Guide, and Little Bleeder Kelvin tipped us off.