Hal Hartley Turning To Kickstarter For Ned Rifle, Final Installment Of Grim Family Trilogy

halhartley Full disclosure: I had never heard of Hal Hartley's Henry Fool or Fay Grim before being handed this new, but Brendon assures me he "loves, loves, loves" the filmmaker and these movies, and if he's not alone, this should come as welcome news to many of you.

Hartley has begun working on Ned Rifle, expected to be the final installment of what is now the Grim Family Trilogy. This kicked off with 1997's Henry Fool, starring Thomas Ryan as the title character, Parker Posey as Fay Grim and the wee child Liam Aiken as Ned Rifle. Ten years later came Fay Grim, with the original trio returning to their roles, and now, six years later, they are ready to do it again, with Aiken now 23 years old and ready to take on a titular role of his own.

Naturally, Hartley is turning to Kickstarter to get this thing funded. Why not? It worked for Zach Braff and Veronica Mars.

I personally think the whole thing's been corrupted and fans are being exploited, but hey, if you have no qualms about giving your money away in such a way, Hartley needs $384,000 by December 4th to get Ned Rifle going.

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