Hammer Horror News Piece Features Footage From The Set Of The Woman In Black

Sets! Costumes! Daniel Radcliffe! With just 14 days to the release of the penultimate Potter, I bet Radcliffe mania will never be as strong again as it is today.

Bringing us into Channel 4 News' video report on the return of Hammer and their horror – timed to the release of Let Me In here in the UK – is some footage of the sometime boy wizard on the set of James Watkins' The Woman in Black. The film has been adapted from Susan Hill's novel by Bleeding Cool favourite Jane Goldman.

Kim Newman turns out too, and suggests that for Hammer "to mean anything" they need to "really on stories and characters and suspense and get interesting filmmakers because that't the only real way to stand out of the pack".

At the end, a promise that Hammer are to revisit Quatermass and Dracula. I'm very interested to find out what "interesting filmmakers" they put on those.

Thanks to the Snitch Seeker for the heads up.