Hey Kids! Let's Go To The DC Universe Online

Not quite as good as The Ace of Spades.

Steel works. Rubber doesn't. It's fifty/fifty with styrofoam.

The smash hit pop record (Welcome to) The House of Fun by Madness was all about the joy of buying condoms on your 16th birthday. Presumably only fun until somebody calls the Gotham Police.

Why is it Batman never dresses in this grey and blue get-up in his live-action movies? Well, except, you know, that one (wonderful) time? Are you listening, Nolan?

How many Green Lanterns does it take to put out a volcano?

People tell me I suffer from coulrophobia, the irrational fear of clowns. Impossible. There's no such thing as an irrational fear of clowns.

These guys aren't anybody important are they? Bunch of player character nobodies or something?

Hey, wasn't this guy in Batman Begins?

Several Green Lanterns auditioning for the role of Slimer in Ghostbusters 3.

If this was real life, the guy with the spear would win. And wouldn't leave those trippy trails.

Superman turning his back on a big robot fella in need. Space git.

This file was sent to us with the words "science police" in the name. As in "Somebody call the…". Too right.

According to the press release that accompanied those pictures:

This week's DC Universe Online screenshot batch features key landmarks from Metropolis and Gotham City, more "Play As Iconic" action, and killer PvP combat!

Ace O' Clubs Bar – The Ace of Clubs is a pub located in the New Troy district of Metropolis. The pub is owned and operated by Superman's number one fan, Bibbo Bibbowski.

Steelworks – The Steelworks is the home and laboratory for one John Henry Irons, a.k.a. "Steel." (The good one, not the horrible Shaquille O'Neal one.)

Amusement Mile – Located in Gotham City, Amusement Mile is the location for the Joker's Fun House.