Hobbit Films To Be In 3D After All, Release Date Rumoured, Director Re-Confirmed

One year ago, we were told that the two Hobbit films were going to be in 2D, and that was definitive and final. Then over the summer, the crowd at The One Ring's Comic-Con panel cheered and hollered when they were told that the films were going to be "flat".

But now, as the films finally approach production, we're being told that they'll actually be filmed in 3D after all. Good.

The key players in the development of The Hobbit each have a 3D films next on their release docket – Peter Jackson's Tintin is due out in a year or so, Guillermo del Toro is gearing up to shoot At the Mountains of Madness in the format – so where was the decision to shoot 2D coming from? Let me idly speculate that it's one of two things: either the budget is now going to be high enough to do 3D right; or Jackson has been worried about consistency with his Lord of the Rings films, but that concern has now gone away because he's converting them to 3D anyway. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

Don't look at me for a definitive answer. But come on – of course he is.

In the same New York Times article that breaks the 3D news, we also get a proposed release date for the first film of December 19th 2012. An expanded version goes into some detail about Peter Jackson's deal to direct which is not yet signed, but is all there in principle. Everything hangs in suspension, waiting for that imminent green light, it would seem… thankfully, everybody's expecting the light to come on within days.