I Suppose This New Year's Eve Trailer Is Innovative

It's not Alfred Hitchcock showing you round the Bates motel or anything, but there's a twist to the newly released trailer for New Year's Eve. This could even go on to launch a trend.


I suppose a lot of the appeal to "these" films comes from the stars as themselves, not so much as their characters, so it makes sense to bring the pin-ups in to play themselves in these talking head bits.

Putting a trailer like this online is one thing, though, and I'll be really surprised if I also see this in cinemas. At least in the midst of all the other trailers – don't US cinema chains have a lot of featurette-type bumph these days, for those who come really early? If I remember correctly, Regal cinemas have, or had, something called The Twenty that was made up of these things, kicking off about forty minutes before the feature film itself.

And to think the studios cut films down to squeeze in extra screenings. Tsk.