Jane Goldman Knows What Boys Like

There are a number of tricks to get added media attention to a movie premiere. Have A-listers in attendance. Get the fans to dress up and look ridiclous. And make sure one of the women is wearing the kind of thing you'd get arrested for on the beach.

Well, last night's Kick-Ass premiere did all three. Brad Pitt, people dressed as superheroes to get into the premiere and writer of the movie, Jane Goldman, stepping in and doing her bit.

The Sun naturally went with;

The Star followed with;

Even the usually prim-and-proper Daily Mail had a go;

The Metro was quite on the nose.

The Mirror splashed on the front page;

And Holy Moly went straight to the nub of it.

Kick-Ass is full of the kind of moments that should make the teenage boy in all of us laugh. And Jane does certainly have a talent for grabbing that kind of attention. Maybe she should write Transformers 3?

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