Jeff Wadlow Provides An Update On X-Force And Seems To Suggest That Cable May Not Be The Team Leader

Cable and X-Force

Jeff Wadlow is currently at Comic-con promoting Kick-Ass 2 but unsurprisingly he's also being asked questions about X-Force, which he's currently writing and may also eventually direct.

Cinema Blend were one of the first to throw some questions at him about X-Force and he gave them some pretty good answers in reply. Regarding the status of the X-Force script he said,

I'm pretty deep into it… I have the whole story completely worked out. I'm about 20 pages into my draft. If I wasn't promoting Kick-Ass, I would probably have a draft [already], but Kick-Ass is going to slow me down just a little.

When Sean O'Connell pushed Wadlow a little further and asked about the importance of team leader Cable to his draft he replied,

Here's the thing, I love the current run of Uncanny X-Force. I love the classic run. Part of my take was addressing this idea that X-Force can be many different things, and that's what got the studio excited. I think the fans will be excited, too.

Hmm, that sounds to me a lot like Cable won't be the team leader. It's difficult to read too much into Wadlow's comments though without seeing him say them. The look on his face, his body language and so on would, I'm sure, give us more of an idea. Or maybe not, maybe he's a master at giving nothing away.

Wadlow's still at Comic-Con. And there are also a hell of a lot of journalists there. I wouldn't be surprised if someone manages to squeeze some more info out of him.