Joe Carnahan Explains His Take On Death Wish, Promises Role For Frank Grillo

Presumably free of any studio or PR interference, Joe Carnahan has been speaking a little about his plans for a Death Wish remake via Twitter. It's early days, and his tweets are pretty much just spitball stuff, but he's got a vision already, and that's absolutely where he needs to be starting from.

Here are his salient tweets, invoking the mood of the film, and also giving away a very early piece of casting news. There's nothing too sensitive here, but it's an interesting, privileged sneak into Carnahan's thoughts on the project.

Several voices on Twitter have peeped up, asking what Death Wish means for Carnahan's long-time-coming Killing Pablo. Here's the good news:

"Basically greenlit" is pretty solid sounding, particularly seeing as the Hollywood greenlight is more of a myth or a metaphor and it only ever "basically" happens. As filmmakers so often say, they only really know that a project is a go when they're standing there on set and somebody shouts "Action!"

I guess we can expect Killing Pablo next and Death Wish… sometime afterwards.