John Cusack Wants To Star In A Movie Version Of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep


It's no secret that John Cusack is a big Stephen King fan, or at least a fan of King's stories being turned into movies, as he's already done three adaptations, including the currently filming Cell.

So it's not a surprise that when asked during a a Reddit AMA (via The Dissolve) about which role he would "accept in a heartbeat," he answered Doctor Sleep.

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to King's most iconic novel, The Shining. There's no film officially planned yet, but it's probably a matter of time, given how many of King's works get adapted, and given The Shining's place in pop culture history and Doctor Sleep's recent popularity.

Cusack would, given his choice, play the grown up Danny Torrance, who's still haunted by the year he spent at the Overlook Hotel when he was a boy and who must battle the True Knot, immortal spirits who torture children with psychic abilities – like Danny himself – to sustain their existence. John Cusack as the adult version of Danny Lloyd? Can you see it?

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