Jonah Hills Finds Vampires, Zombies And Aliens In His Kitchen Sink

For his first film as director, Jonah Hill has picked a plum from the Black List. Owen Uziel's screenplay The Kitchen Sink is a high-school set survival comedy-horror in which a group of teens are picked upon by vampires and zombies, converted to the undead, and then must stop fighting one another long enough to survive an alien invasion.

If there aren't dinosaurs, samurai, cyborgs, time travel, musical numbers and talking animals in this, I'd say Sucker Punch is still out ahead in the overkill stakes.

The Hollywood Reporter say that Hill is mulling the deal over now. It's always an interesting moment when an actor decides to make their directorial debut. It's as though they simply can't be given a fair shake and, on next to no evidence at all, their abilities behind the camera are prejudged. I refuse to join in.

But here's hoping Hill is more Robert Redford, less Kevin Costner.