Judd Apatow's Key And Peele Movie Will Be Semi-Autobiographical And About Family


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele may be the best comedy duo working right now, but how will throwing Judd Apatow into the mix shake things up, especially with each of them having such unique and different voices? Well, we won't know specifics for a while yet, but in a new interview with THR for their Rule Breakers issue, the duo gave up some details about the movie they are co-writing with him.

It'll be semi-autobiographical, they reveal, and will be partly based on their own experiences of discovering previously unknown biological family members in adulthood:

KEY: It looks like it could be a movie about family and what family means to different people. Jordan has just found family members recently. And I'm adopted, and I've had a relationship with my biological mother for about 16 years now. I have siblings that I didn't know 16 years ago; and what is the difference between these blood relatives and the brother that I grew up with my whole life? One of Judd's great talents is he knows how to inject the heart into a story.

PEELE: [Apatow] is a real master of starting with truth, autobiographical truth. The only siblings I know I have I'm starting to meet right now. My dad's litter, as I call it, is sprinkled around the country. We would be playing characters close to ourselves with a similar [family] dynamic.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that writer's room…

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