More Than Just A New Look For Viv Vision In The Champions #14 (SPOILERS)

a bold new era of Marvel Legacy! Until the next bold new era and actual relaunches of 2018 anyway. So, its time to check in on The Champions, continuing their Avengers crossover storyline Worlds Collide in  their comic today by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos. Their comic is all terribly serious, with an increasingly inaccurate cover…

Because on the inside, as revealed in the last issue of Avengers, Viv Vision has a brand new look.

And a brand new state of being, courtesy of the High Evolutionary.

Fully human, with everything that comes with that. When revealed there was some commentary online along the lines of "I can't believe it, they made her a black woman" which might not have been present if the new Viv Vision has been a white teenager. She was never human. She was a purple android. It's just that some folk see the standard as "white" and any divergence from that as a change. And now she is human. With feels and freckles.

I note that another future cover for Avengers #674…


…has been shown a different way in this issue as well.

Could a little cover change be coming?

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