Katie's Beautiful Friend Andrew Goes To MCM, Hobnobs With Comics Types

Channel 4 have produced a series called Katie: My Beautiful Friends. Here is their official blurb:

Katie Piper sets out on an extraordinary journey to use her personal experience to help rebuild the lives and confidence of people like her who are fighting for normality while living with a disfigurement.

Piper's personal experience, if you don't know, is that she was disfigured and blinded in one eye in an acid attack, a jar of the stuff thrown into her face.

On today's episode, one of Katie's friends was Andrew. That's him in the blue jumper at the front of the picture.

Andrew was born with Treacher-Collins syndrome and, as a result, has some craniofacial deformities. They effect his voice, and this has seemed to cause him some added anxiety. Andrew's clearly into comic books and animation, and he has the action figures and stuffed Chipmunks to prove it.

You can currently see the show on 4OD (territory rules permitting). The scenes with Andrew kick off at the half way mark, just after the ads – you'll see a divider in the timeline, just click past it. In the first section you'll see him talk about why he identifies with Spider-Man, why he didn't go to university to study animation and, if you look quickly, you can spot all of his geek status symbols.

Clearly, he's one of us. They're letting us on TV now.

The show does take a break from Andrew for a few minutes, but he's back around 38:20. Shortly after that, he goes to MCM, and when on his way in says:

Compared to some of the people here I feel like a normal person.

Then, as if to prove this point, he's away to Comics Village to show some of the exhibitors his art.

You'll see Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, of course. Tony thumbs through Andrew's iPhone of demo pieces, and offers up an encouraging critique:

I do like your cartoony style. You have a flair for the comic art.

Rich spotted Markosia in the background (or at least said he did, in order to plug them and, you know, grease the wheels a bit more for Kate and William 2: The Revengening). I spotted also the Alien Ink folk and Andie Tong, and there's also a bit of Free Hugging. He's having the full MCM experience.

Now, I've heard at least a dozen different reasons that people give for identifying with Spider-Man, and they all seem fair, though none are quite the same as mine. I do, however, use Andrew's exact excuse for being a slob all of the time. Check it out at 27:15.

Yep. Great minds and all that.