Kevin Smith Promises Jay And Silent Bob's Groovy Cartoon Movie For Next Year

Kevin Smith Promises Jay And Silent Bob's Groovy Cartoon Movie For Next YearI don't think Kevin Smith's rationale for making the next Jay and Silent Bob movie an animated one tells the whole story.

He tells MTV Geek:

We're cartoon whores here at SModCo.

With a bit of misplaced emphasis that sentence might conjure up some most unwanted imagery.

The plan is for a full length, animated picture called Jay and Silent Bob's Groovy Cartoon Movie to go on the road with Smith, and probably Mewes, at some point next year. A lot of the film has been completed already, and apparently features a lot of superheroics and a number of cameos from famous voices.

I think it's worth emphasising one fairly obvious point: that an animated film won't require Smith to direct a full live-action shoot. Indeed, he might not direct the animated film at all, leaving it in the hands of his animator Steve Stark, and the audience would accept this. But a live action Jay and Bob, not directed by Smith? That idea might not go down too well with the fans.

Speaking to Crave in February, Smith revealed that the film would end with some live action.

I think some people might assume the reasons for the toon are purely budgetary, but Clerks answers that fairly conclusively. I expect it's more to do with Smith's new career emphasis.

If he's good to his word, then Hit Somebody is set to be his last, live action film(s), after which we'll be making do with An Audience With tours, podcasts and whatever animated rope he'll throw us. And there's also that possible move into Broadway, spearheaded by Clerks 3.

But this is not the time I want to see Smith retire. From where I'm standing, Red State was the work of somebody just getting going. I want to see what happens when that kind of film making ambition is nurtured.