Logan's Remake Goes Off The Beaten Track – Ryan Gosling To Star, Nicholas Winding Refn To Direct

Only yesterday, Joel Silver was quoted as saying:

Logan's Run might come together. That might be something we get a chance to do soon. We've got that in a place that we're really happy with. That has to be a big… it's a whole new world, its a whole new way of looking at the story and I think it's something that could be really good.

And now, Deadline report that Ryan Gosling is wrapping up a deal to star in the picture, and reunite with his Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn. Soon really did mean soon.

An unusual pairing for what I'd expect to be an FX-laden tentpole. Refn's very stylised pictures tend to revel in extremity, and Gosling is prone to a seriousness and a rawness. These don't seem like the characteristics Silver would want from an expensive sci-fi crowd pleaser, especially not on he's describing as having to be "big".

Here's how the plot of the original Logan's Run novel is set up: a future society expects its citizens to undergo euthenasia in a "sleepshop" at the age of 21. Those who try to abscond are hunted by the "Sandmen". One such Sandman tries to run himself… the tropes of a sci-fi action thriller ensue.

It was adapted to a feature film before. A feature film that seems to be on British TV every three days.

From the Deadline report it looks as though this production will use Alex Garland's screenplay, as created during Carl Erik Rinsch's time on the project…. which reminds me: Garland's Never Let Me Go is out in UK cinemas tomorrow. Go see it.