Marvel's All Hail The King Gets A Promo Poster‏

This design may never see a sheet of paper in its entire life but Marvel have, nonetheless, released a poster for All Hail The King, Drew Pearce's sorta kinda sequel to Iron Man 3.


That was premiered at EW.

All Hail The King runs to just fifteen minutes long and comes packaged just as a bonus on the Thor: The Dark World disc but has been garnering a lot of attention and PR efforts. When you see it – assuming you haven't already VUDU'd it – I think you'll agree with me that it's worth some fuss.

Previously: I spoke to Pearce about the film at length. Indeed, we spoke about the film for more time than it takes to watch it. If only I could say the same for some of the feature film interviews I do – Iron Man 3, actually, is a good example. 20 minutes never really is long enough to dig into those.