Matt Reeves Still Pushing To Make Hitchcockian Passion Project The Invisible Woman

After Cloverfield, Matt Reeves was holding a red-hot iron and, had things shaken out a little differently, he could well have taken a strike at his passion project, The Invisible Woman. It was to have been a crime drama about a beauty queen, likely to have been played by Naomi Watts, who turned to a life of crime in order to support and protect her family. But it didn't happen at all and Reeves has now told IGN why:

Just that moment, the independent film world started to implode. A lot of companies went out of business in a very short period of time.

So, how about now? Let's assume that the independent film world is now healthy enough, just for sake of argument. Well… Reeves doesn't seem to be too sure what's next, not least because he's regularly fielding other, tempting offers. I guess passion can only carry a passion project so far:

I'm getting a lot of interesting things to read, but I'm very passionate to get Invisible Woman made, and it comes down to finding the right cast and finding someone who would get behind it enough to take that risk. I don't even want to think how many years I've been trying to get this movie made but it's definitely a priority of mine to get that movie made.

In 2008, the film was set up with Greenstreet films (who, it appears, may no longer exist – which makes direct sense of Reeves' comment). At the same time, Paramount were trying to sign Reeves to Cloverfield 2 and those negotiations may have played some part in stalling the shoot on Invisible Woman to the point that it never happened. I'm sure the development work on Cloverfield 2 continues in some form now, but it's likely to be just one of Reeves' many possibles.