Misfits Season Four Is Officially A Go

The green light has flickered on at Channel 4 headquarters, signalling the good people of Clerkenwell Films to get stuck into development with the fourth series of Misfits. We've been expecting it, and it's now official. However, there's not yet been any confirmation of rumours that the series might be extended to thirteen episodes.

Not yet.

This is a perfectly timed announcement, really, coming just two days ahead of series three's big finale.

So, looking forward, we don't know who's coming back, we don't know who might be going away, but we've promised that season four is where we'll meet some of the parents of the Misfits. That should be interesting.

The show's creator Howard Overman is currently also busy with the US remake of the show, so how much of Britain's season four he'll actually be hands-on with remains to be seen. Hopefully things can run pretty smoothly with only a bit of backseat driving on his part by now?