More BBC Preview Clips From The Borrowers To Planet Dinosaur

With appearances from Auntie's special boys Jeremy Paxman, David Attenborough and Stephen Fry you won't mistake this new BBC promo video for anything but.

It doesn't stop there, and there's a brilliantly beeb-friendly line up on parade, including Ben Miller, David Jason, Jessica Hynes and Miranda Hart.

You'll see that the Sherlock footage from earlier is in this edit, as well as clips from several other Autumn-and-Winter shows. There's The Borrowers, Planet Dinosaur, Birdsong and a whole lot more.


Whenever I see these promo clips, at the start of every TV season, I'm sure that I'm about to start watching the goggle box more than before

But then I don't. There's always a handful of shows I look out for, but it never seems to add up to more than three hours a week.

How else would I fit in all of the movie watching, anyway?

(I know that the most astute of you will see that this video has been online for a few days. I apologise for my tardiness)