More Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Details, Courtesy Of Keri Russell

After you get past the stuff about boobs and Austenland, this interview with Keri Russell moves onto her current gig, reuniting with her Felicity director Matt Reeves on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

I've transcribed the key points below, after the original video from I Am Rogue. Note: if you're going to watch this with your headphones in, put them in the wrong ears – space has been completely flipped in the audio mix. And then pull both out at the end because the final sound effect is so loud it's actually rude.


What is my character? It's a tough one to describe because it's so epic. I can tell you that it's about ten years after Rise, the first one and, basically where we come is it that there's been this virus outbreak and there's very little of civilisation alive. And the apes that are left don't think there are any humans left and the humans don't think there are any apes left and through a set of circumstances they meet up and it's really about "Can the two communities exist together?"

I play one of the existing humans in the colony and I have some medical skills, although it's not like I'm a big fancy doctor. Anyone who has any skill has now been … there's no electricity, there's no… so everyone uses every little bit of training that they have. And I'm sort of Jason Clarke's girlfriend.

Yep, it's "female lead is girlfriend of male lead" business as usual, even after the Ape-ocalypse. Shame this had to come up in an interview supporting Austenland, a film with plenty of independent female characters even while it plays romcom games.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is due for release next May. Previously: our first image of Caesar from the new film.