Neil LaBute And Julian Fellowes To Adapt Agatha Christie's Crooked House

Agatha Christie considered Crooked House to be one of her two very best novels,* and it has also been very well received by critics, from publication in 1949 until today. The story, unsurprisingly an ensemble murder mystery, revolves around three generations of a family living in the crooked house of the title, and the amateur investigation that follows when one of them is murdered.

In The Company of Men and Lakeview Terrace director Neil LaBute has told the Telegraph that he'll be filming an adaptation of the book in London later this year. He also revealed that he's personally selected the best writer for the job:

I somehow managed to persuade Julian [Fellowes] to do it, even though he is so busy writing the next series of Downton. He is just a pro, and I think the period appealed to him.

Fellowes has shown an increasing aptitude for pacy melodrama, and LaBute is a master of the tense, claustrophobic character piece. Agatha Christie by way of Your Friends and Neighbours sounds like a must-see to me, so I'll be watching progress on this picture closely.

*The other was Ordeal By Innocence.