Space Dandy Images And Details, The Latest Show From The Creator Of Cowboy Bebop

Space Dandy PosterShinichirō Watanabe is perhaps best known for the two series he made in 1998 and 2004, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Those series, which mixed high brow ideas with a lot of fun and humour, were very popular in the West, with Samurai Champloo already available on Blu-ray and Cowboy Bebop just announced for the format.

Watanabe's latest show is titled Space Dandy and a number of details about the show were revealed at Otakon earlier this month, where a short video was also shown.

A lot of that information was collected by Twitter user liborek3 in a post at pastebin and moca have now provided even more details and images too.

Based on these sources, and some questionable translations from Google, I can tell you that the show is a sci-fi comedy series which features a character named Dandy and a crew aboard a spaceship named Aloha Oe.

Each week the crew will travel to a new planet and encounter new aliens, with each new set of aliens designed by someone different. Supposedly some of these designers will be famous figures but they will remain secret until their episode airs.

According to Watanabe Cowboy Bebop was 80% serious, 20% comedy but Space Dandy will be 80% comedy, 20% serious. Watanabe reportedly described it as "like Mushroom Samba every week" – referencing a particularly memorable episode of Cowboy Bebop.

It sounds like Watanabe had pretty free rein with this series too, with the producer being quoted at Otakon as saying,

Anything is fine as long as there's spaceships.

Below are the character descriptions from the Otakon presentation that liborek3 put together, alongside the images from moca.

Space Dandy - DandyDandy

Dandy isn't the protagonist's nickname. It's his real name. He is the biggest dude in the universe. He doesn't worry about the small details. When we live our lives, we worry about the smallest things. But when something bad happens to Dandy, he forgets about it immediately.

Dandy is a very "yankee" (delinquent) type of character. But he's a very fun guy to be around. His greatest pleasure in life is to go to Hooters-like establishment and Honey is an employee there. Dandy really likes Hawaii, but he's never been there.

Space Dandy - QTQT

QT is a very dumb piece of crap robot. He's scrap metal. Dandy was looking for a capable robot in the shop, but QT is a glorified Roomba.

Space Dandy MyauMyau

Myau is very lazy. He spends all of his time on Twitter on his iPhone. He may look like a cat but he is not a cat. He comes from the planet Beetlejuice/Betelguese.


Honey works at a "certain store". It's like a Hooters. There are very similar establishments to Hooters in space.

Professor Gel

A bad guy who looks like a gorilla. He comes up with a new evil scheme every week.


Gel's sidekick from planet Cucumber.

Space Dandy is set to air in Japan in January 2014 and Watanabe hopes that will also air in America shortly afterwards.