Now Is The Time To Buy The West Wing Or Dirty Harry Boxset You've Been Promising Yourself

Now Is The Time To Buy The West Wing Or Dirty Harry Boxset You've Been Promising YourselfToday's Gold Box deal of the day on Amazon is the full series set of The West Wing DVDs. I can't really stress how great the best bits of this show actually are, but here are some single-tweet reviews that I solicited this afternoon.

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Now, follow all those guys because they've obviously got impeccable taste. I think the most negative comment was this one – and it may, in fact, have been meant as a positive.

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The full West Wing collection has an RRP of almost $300, often goes for about $200 but has, today, a Gold Box price of $99.49.

Meanwhile, the Dirty Harry collection on Blu-ray is going at a cheap rate for a few more days as a "deal of the week." While this is the slimmed down version of the set, with less packaging and in-the-box bumph, all of the on-disc supplements are present and correct. And the discs are Region Free, so they'll work worldwide.

Now, not all of the five films are real winners – though the Jim Carrey-is-a-rockstar stuff in The Dead Pool is so utterly bizarre you have to see it to believe it. Nonetheless, I think the set is worth the nicely reduced $28.99 asking price just for the better films and the "extra features" and the Blu-ray transfers are pretty tasty too. I bought one.

Still, if you had to choose, I would definitely put my chips on The West Wing.