Now Really, Really Is The Time To Pre-Order Douglas Trumbull's Sci-Fi Gem, Silent Running

We do like the Masters of Cinema DVD and Blu-ray label here at Bleeding Cool – you may have noticed as we started a regular column on their lavish special edition releases. They're often called "Britain's Criterion", and I suppose that is easy enough to accept, if a touch condescending.

One of their upcoming discs is Douglas Trumbull's 70's cult cornerstone, Silent Running. Of all of the familiar flavours I tasted in Wall-E, this was by far and away the strongest.

Masters of Cinema aren't releasing the film until November 14th, but preorders are up on Amazon now…

at the astonishing price of £3.99.

That's so furiously cheap I can barely believe it. But it's not an error, it's a deliberate decision and seeing as the film has rocketed to the top of the Amazon charts, I can see the publicity value.

But the price could change at any moment. As long as it stays under £10 you're getting a huge bargain.

I watched my early copy of the Blu-ray just this week and loved it, and I'll report back on that in full nearer the time of release.

Here's the film's trailer.


Wow. Watching that back now, I could barely recognise it as the film I enjoyed some much. Shame that Masters of Cinema haven't uploaded a new trailer to show off how wonderful the Blu-ray looks and sounds.

UPDATE: I can now confirm, sadly, that the disc is locked to Region B. Here's the lock screen from the disc (with thanks to Craig Skinner).