This Minute-Long TV Spot For Thor: The Dark World Uses The Avengers As An Okay Excuse

Two of the central threads in Marvel's Thor sequel revolve around the women in the big guy's life. The studio aren't kidding when they say they set out to make their films into relationship dramas as much as anything else.

There's Jane Foster, and the evolution of that romantic relationship. There's a good gag about that right at the start of this trailer.

And then there's Frigga, Thor's mother. And this trailer seems to finally reveal something very important about her fate. The way it's cut is inconclusive, but…

Well. You'll see. And if you've been reading Bleeding Cool for long enough, you'll know it's something I was talking about as much as a year ago.


And, you know, that trailer only just hinted at the Sif storyline, but she gets a lot more substance this time too.

I can't wait to see the whole thing. Not long now – the UK release and many international IMAX previews are set for October 30th, the US general release for November 8th.