Pacific Rim Will Now Be Released In 3D, But Is This Against Guillermo Del Toro's Wishes?

Despite their timidity towards higher frame rates for The Hobbit, Warner Bros. are proving very bullish on 3D. They have elected to have Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim post-converted into stereo, apparently against his will.

Apparently, I say, as Variety's story on the matter refer to the studio 'strong arming' the director. And I heard Del Toro explain that this was very much a 2D film for him at Comic-Con. He certainly wasn't feeling ambivalent.

Incidentally, there are signs that Warner Bros. pulled the same trick with Zack Snyder in relation to Man of Steel. I guess their ledger books are telling them that 3D box office is worth enough to tick off some of their bigger name filmmakers.

I await some kind of statement from Del Toro – not to mention a promise from Warners that the director-approved 2D version of Pacific Rim will be rolled out just as widely as the 3D variant.