ReedPop Looks To Make Chicago The Epicenter Of Cosplay Championships

By Carlos M.

At Saturday's Costume Contest at C2E2, ReedPop announced that it was making Chicago the host city for 2016's worldwide Crown Championships of Cosplay, following on from this year's presence.

Winners from 6 worldwide competitions – India, Australia, Shanghai, France, New York, and of course Chicago will go head to head for the crown and for solid prize money.

picture 1 c2e2And hopefully they keep a similar format and the same MC (Rubin Ervin) as they had at this year's Chicago show as it was actually a pretty well put together and fun show.

picture 2c2e2Congratulations to this year's Chicago winner Jim Schmid​ – an amazing Groot cosplayer who took home $5,000, along with the rest of the contestants that entered this year!

picture 3 c2e2And as a side note, for next year's show, for those putting it together, please have the preshow not be something lame like the Qwizards game show! Thanks for your consideration.

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