Report: Casey Jones Absent From New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Film

caseyjones I'm hearing quite a lot of whispers about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but from parties that, while they're privy to some details, don't have a macro, full-film view of what's going on. My sources – I suppose I should call them that – are being surprisingly upbeat, particularly about the look of the turtles.

A couple of hours back, I read a report at Geek Tyrant that says Casey Jones won't be in the new film. I tested it out on my sources – still feels odd in this context – and they weren't able to say one way or the other. Simply put: if Casey Jones is in the film, my guys haven't seen any trace of him.

Geek Tyrant's original story says:

Will Casey Jones appear in the film? The answer I got, sadly, was a defeating "No." Instead of Casey Jones (my favorite TMNT character), the film is making Will Arnett's role as Vernon Fenwick bigger. Now that isn't to say we won't see Casey Jones in the future.

Yes, maybe they'll spin a sequel somewhere down the line. I guess that will depend on how this first film does or – and if the DC Nation block has taught me anything, it's this – on how the merchandise and toy sales rack up.