Report: Fast And Furious 7 Producers Now Considering Starting Over


Even in the midst of grief, the show, as they say, must go on. So as they undoubtedly continue to mourn the loss of Paul Walker, the filmmakers behind Fast & Furious 7 are now weighing their options on how to proceed.

The Wrap are citing sources who say scrapping everything they've shot so far – roughly a little over half the movie – and starting over is a real possibility. But while one source claims shooting the film without including Walker's central character Brian O'Conner is now on the table, another said that option is not being considered. So some conflicting reports here.

One possibility they are veering away from, the trade further reports, is using a different actor to shoot the rest of Walker's scenes, and then superimposing his face onto the body. It's doable (see: The Social Network), but apparently nobody's keen on doing that. Probably wise.

No decision has been made, and a decision could take anywhere between days and weeks to make, depending on which of The Warp's sources you believe. For now, production remains at a standstill, though rest assured, billion dollar film studio Universal will recoup its production costs since it's insured. And we can all rest easy.

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