Review: Power Girl #5 by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner

There's something about Power Girl by Amanda Conner that I find intensely appealing. And no, it's not just the obvious, it's that I can't shake the feeling that I'm just reading an extended version of The Pro, the prostitute-turned-superhero comic she drew for Garth Ennis at Image (with Jimmy inking as well). So  keep reading the book expecting at any second that she's going to pull a trick. I may be wrong for typecasting Amanda so, but it's her fault for creating The Pro so effectively.

And she pulls off an incredibly mixture of sweet-and-innocent and downright dirty, with the reader presumably invited to bring their interpretation to the party.  mean look at this scene.

power girl

It's the eyes isn't it? It's the eyes.

There's also a beautiful cascade of panels to show a character regaining consciousness after one particularly harrowing scene (oh yes, that's another trick, doing such playful stuff as the scene above and seguing into something downright earthy and nasty.)

So anyway, we have aliens landing on Earth, not exactly playing by the rules, and kicking up a bit of a fuss. And Power Girl on hand thanks to her handy-dandy secret identity in the middle of Manhattan and a grateful city for whatever she can throw at them. This is a fun, bright, attractive comic with enough specks of grit to keep it interesting and off balance. If you like superhero comics, you should be reading Power Girl. And this is a perfect jumping on issue.

Power Girl #5 is published by DC Comics this week.

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