Ridley Scott Tackling Football Concussions For New Feature

ridley Deadline reports that while Ridley Scott is still focused on his current film, a biblical epic called Exodus starring Christian Bale, the director has also been meeting with A-List writers to begin developing what he hopes to direct next: a movie focusing on the debilitating effects concussions are having on athletes.

Pun headlines aside, concussions as a result of playing professional football has become a hot button issue in the media lately so it seems like a timely topic for a filmmaker to take on. Both Junior Seau and Dave Duerson committed suicide and were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease many scientists believe is caused by head trauma – like those sustained by football players repeatedly being tackled during years-long careers. Tony Dorsett also recently announced he too has CTE.

Scott wants to tell a morality tale in the vein of Michael Mann's takedown of the tobacco industry, The Insider. How complicit are NFL league owners in allowing their players to sustain such injuries? Naturally, Scott is not the only filmmaker interested in this subject. Several documentaries are already in the works on the topic and scientists' findings on the issue are still constantly evolving.

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